Wedding Manicure Ideas
Of course, the wedding day is the most amazing and long-awaited moment in the life of every woman. A bride dressed in a beautiful dress will always be in the…

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Wedding hairstyle with false strands
False strands are an amazing invention with which you can simulate a hairstyle of any complexity. If nature has not endowed you with long or thick hair, and at the…

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Wedding makeup for fair-haired
How harmonious and beautiful your wedding look will be depends on many factors. An important role is given to makeup - it should be natural and only emphasize what nature…

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main aspects

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How to choose a wedding hairstyle and makeup? Expert Advice!

When you start thinking about your wedding look, the first thing you think about is a wedding dress, right? But do not forget about the hairstyle with makeup! They have exactly the same meaning in shaping the image of the bride. Do not choose stylists and makeup artists at the last moment, this should be taken care of in advance. So that preparing for the wedding does not become a disaster for you, we have prepared 5 simple steps that will help you in choosing a hairstyle and makeup.
How to choose a wedding hairstyle and makeup? Expert Advice!

Makeup Hairstyle Professional Tips
When you start thinking about your wedding look, the first thing you think about is a wedding dress, Continue reading

How to choose a wedding stylist

Each bride on the eve of the wedding is concerned, first of all, with her appearance. After all, any girl wants to look just perfect on the day of their own wedding celebration. Therefore, it is important to choose a professional wedding stylist who will take care of the appearance of the bride. It is the wedding stylist who will help create the completed image of the bride, emphasizing her beauty and personality. A professional in his field will be able to choose makeup, hairstyle, dress and accessories so that all the details are designed in the same style of a wedding evening.

The choice of a wedding stylist must be treated with great responsibility. Only the master needs to entrust the creation Continue reading

Wedding hairstyle

One of the most decisive components of the bride’s image is an impeccable hairstyle, which requires not only creativity, but also magic from the hairdresser. The choice of styling for the wedding depends on many aspects. In the article we will consider all those points that should be paid special attention, creating a wedding hairstyle.

Reliability and convenience
Reliability and convenience, because the wedding hairstyle will have to endure very serious tests. Agree, it is unlikely that the bride will want to constantly feel discomfort and think about not getting her hair tousled.

Choosing a hairstyle, the master must take into account the features of the structure and the shape of the face of the bride. It is advisable that the wedding styling adorn and emphasize the natural beauty of the girl, but at the same time hide her flaws.

The hairstyle must be in harmony with the bouquet, the bride’s dress and even with some elements of the groom’s costume. But manicure and makeup are selected after the hairstyle is selected. Continue reading

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