Wedding hairstyles with flowers for short, medium and long hair
If you are the owner of short hair, do not be upset - professional stylists know dozens of ways to make a beautiful and interesting styling. (Read - Wedding hairstyle…

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Choose a short wedding hairstyle by the type of face
If you are a happy owner of a fashionable and stylish short haircut and want to make a beautiful styling for your own wedding, then our tips will definitely come…

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Wedding hairstyle with veil
Since ancient times, a veil has been considered a symbol of purity and innocence, giving the image of a girl touch, femininity and romance. According to legend, this beautiful accessory…

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Wedding hairstyle with veil

Since ancient times, a veil has been considered a symbol of purity and innocence, giving the image of a girl touch, femininity and romance. According to legend, this beautiful accessory protected the bride from evil spirits, and also symbolized a happy family life.

wedding hairstyle with veil

Now the veil has lost its significance, although many girls still wear it on a solemn day. But just choosing a beautiful veil is not enough, you need to take care of a beautiful hairstyle – it should be in harmony with the image of the bride, to become its organic complement. When choosing a hairstyle, you must take into account your type of face: of course, an experienced hairdresser-stylist will be able to pick up a lot of original hair styling, but it is better to familiarize yourself with the main features in advance.

A few tips for choosing a hairstyle
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Fashionable wedding hairstyles 2015

Wedding hairstyle should be special, emphasize the beauty of the bride and complement her image favorably. Wedding trends change every year, although there are hairstyles that will never become obsolete! What do stylists advise? What fashion trends for wedding hairstyles await us in 2015? How to choose the perfect styling? – You will find answers to these questions in this article!

We will make a reservation right away, in 2015, stylists rely on feminine and laconic silhouettes!

A few tips for choosing a wedding hairstyle:

Dark hair visually makes the bride more adult: to look younger, the hair is pulled back, do not bangs;
Braids look better on fair hair, and curls look better on dark hair;
Tall brides should avoid voluminous hairstyles, it is better to give preference to curls or braids;
Brides of short stature are better off giving up low bunches and tails, and bet on voluminous styling, tiaras and other accessories that visually lengthen the figure; Continue reading

Wedding hairstyles 2014 – the main trends

Each bride wants to look attractive and unique at her celebration, so the image also needs to be thought out in advance. This also applies to hairstyles: first of all, you need to focus not only on fashion trends, but also on individual features: skin color, face type, dress style. A hairstyle or haircut that looks amazing on a glossy magazine model may not suit the bride at all.

An ideal wedding hairstyle is possible only on well-groomed and healthy hair, so do their restoration in advance. If you are not sure that you will feel comfortable with an avant-garde, but fashionable hairstyle, give preference to classics. Do not neglect professional styling, pay special attention to the choice of wedding accessories: wedding hairstyles 2014 are simplicity, naturalness, sensuality, which you can emphasize with the help of beautiful hair clips, tiaras, headbands, living and artificial flowers, veils and other decor elements.

The trends in the wedding hairstyle 2014 include:

Simplicity and naturalness; Continue reading

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