Wedding Makeup: Everything You Wanted to Know
What makeup trends are worth highlighting this season? How to find your makeup artist? Why do I need a wedding rehearsal rehearsal? How to plan a bride’s morning? Wedding asked…

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Wedding is the main event in the life of every girl, requiring serious preparation. Indeed, on this day, she will be the center of attention and therefore must look impeccable…

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Wedding makeup 2017: 10 main trends

Under the influence of changeable fashion, not only catalogs of dresses, but also make-up are changing. Of course, the fashion for wedding makeup retains a touch of conservatism, but at the same time, in 2017, several opposite approaches will be trending at once. On the one hand, designers remained attached to natural tones, on the other hand, they suggested that brides create deliberately graphic and alluring images.

TOP 10 wedding makeup trends 2017
1. Naturalness in everything: strobing
Designers propose to create the effect of healthy radiant skin using the strobe technique. Matte cold skin is finally a thing of the past, naturalness is in fashion. Strobing is easy to perform: all that is needed from the bride is a month or two before day X to take up skin condition closely, the rest will be done by makeup artists. Light foundation, concealer, flickering loose powder – all that is needed for a perfect make-up.

Natural complexion – the number one trend in wedding makeup 2017

Naturalness is the main trend of wedding makeup 2017

Makeup for the wedding 2017 everything is simple without accents

2. Spectacular bronzer
If you like to be dark, feel free to choose high-quality bronzing agents. It should be noted that tanned skin should be in good condition, eyebrows should be well-groomed, and makeup easy. No bright blush a la nesting doll and lips like a vamp woman.

Light tan – trend number 2 of wedding makeup 2017

Wedding makeup 2017 should be easy

Wedding Makeup 2017. Trend 2: Bronze Leather

3. Chocolate Smoky Ice
From dark and catchy black makeup artists switched to smoky shades. It is better to choose chocolate mascara, shades – olive, gray, brown shades. They are carefully shaded in a horizontal or vertical direction. The image is sexy, but not aggressive.

Trend 3 Wedding Makeup 2017: Chocolate Smokey Ice

Smoky shades – a feature of wedding makeup 2017

Sexuality without aggression is the trend of wedding makeup 2017

4. Catchy wide arrows
Classic makeup is rarely complete without arrows. Simple lines perfectly emphasize the eyes, making the look more expressive. Wide brown or black arrows are in fashion. They are best combined with a nude eye shadow palette and pastel shades of lipstick.

Brown and black arrows in the trend of fashion makeup 2017

Black arrows with a natural complexion – the trend of wedding makeup 2017

Expressive arrows emphasize the eyes

5. Colored arrows and “cat’s eye”
Creative brides will appreciate the curved and double lines, as well as the variation “cat’s eye”: it is made with two shades of eyeliner, the arrows are massive, but coquettishly curved. Spectacular multi-colored arrows look interesting, but we will make a reservation right away, they will not suit every wedding style.

Colored arrows – trend 5 of wedding makeup 2017

Cat look at the peak of fashion in the season 2017

Beautiful and bold – the motto of wedding makeup 2017

6. Delicious berry lips
Juicy and rich berry shades of lipstick – a real must-have for both everyday and festive wedding look. The trend is wine, burgundy, raspberry or cold red shades. Half measures are unacceptable: lipstick is either glossy or matte.


Burgundy, wine, berry – trend colors of lipstick in 2017

Rich deep color, but without vulgarity – the trend of wedding makeup 2017

7. Stylish blue shadows
Wedding make-up can be bright, but not vulgar. It was this maxim that guided make-up artists, offering brides a wide palette of blue shades. Saturated blue tones or light shades of green will be especially popular. It will be great if you use the same color in the decoration of a wedding dress or in a bouquet.

Saturated blue tones – the trend of wedding makeup 2017

Stylish blue shades – for bold brides 2017

Blue shades should be combined with shades of a dress or a bouquet of the bride

8. Extravagant metallic shadows
Shadows with expressive metallic sheen will make the makeup aggressive and interesting. Aged bronze, silver, gold are the trend colors of 2017. A good addition will be a high-quality foundation and brownish lipsticks. By the way, if the bride makes herself a metallic flash tattoo, such makeup will be appropriate.

Shadows metallic – trend 8 of wedding makeup 2017

Metallic shadows – for bright brides of the 2017 season

Shadow metallic only for courageous brides

9. Graphic make up
Provocative and unusual make-up option. It requires graphic drawing of lines not along the contour: for example, next to the eyebrow line, in the center of the eyelid or dashed lines on the surface of the lips. Graphic make-up can be not only monochrome, but also color. By the way, if you shade the contour lines, it will turn out less daring.

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Wedding Makeup: Everything You Wanted to Know
What makeup trends are worth highlighting this season? How to find your makeup artist? Why do I need a wedding rehearsal rehearsal? How to plan a bride’s morning? Wedding asked…


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