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Bride with glasses: add a twist to the look

It is not so often that you can meet a bride with glasses, although according to statistics, approximately every third Russian woman has vision problems. Many ladies complex, try by hook or by crook to refuse glasses. Of course, it’s great if you are not allergic to contact lenses, but what about brides who can’t refuse the usual and necessary glass?

To be or not to be?
Let’s start with the fact that in recent years the glasses have changed: from the subject of ridicule, they have turned into a stylish and fashionable accessory. Moreover, a correctly selected frame can even emphasize the beauty of the face, the shape of the chin and cheekbones.

Lenses. You can give preference to contact lenses, but it is worth remembering a few simple rules. First, buy them a month, or even two before the “day X”, so that the eyes have time to get used to them. Do not fundamentally change the image: colored lenses are good, but it is not known how your eyes will react to them. If you are not allergic, then very soon you will even stop noticing that there is a foreign object in your eyes.

Of the minuses of the lenses, one can note the fact that they can “slip”, for example, if you cry, and returning it to its place with your finger is problematic. If a speck of dust gets into the eye, you will have to give the lens “first aid”, so be sure to bring a bag with a bottle of lens liquid, tweezers, a mirror, a container for storing lenses, and drops for the eyes.

By the way, it is also better to carry out vision correction either after the wedding, or a few months before it. No matter what the doctors promise you, adaptation after surgery for each person proceeds differently. Yes, and you do not need on the eve of the celebration to darken your mood with unnecessary excitement and negative impressions.

Points in the image of a bride: pros and cons. Many will say that glasses are ugly, not aesthetically pleasing, and in general the bride will look like a teacher in them. If you have such an opinion, it means that you simply have not seen beautiful and stylish frames. In modern optics, a huge selection of shapes, colors and types of glasses is presented: from square and oval to multifaceted, in the form of a heart, a pyramid, and so on. When choosing a frame, pay attention to compatibility with other elements of the image. Glasses are full, full, half-right. For a wedding, rimless glasses or with a thin light border are best suited. Light frames made of plastic with glitter or rhinestones look elegant, but colored and bright frames are a stylish accessory ideal for a youth wedding. By the way, with the help of glasses you can create a wonderful image of a couple. Only the bride will have glasses with diopters, and the groom will have ordinary sunglasses or transparent glasses.

When choosing glasses, be sure to photograph yourself in your favorite frame. As a rule, it will be easier to see in the picture whether the chosen accessory suits you. We advise you to take a bag with spare glasses “just in case of a fire”, and during the photo shoot you can always take off your glasses and show yourself in all its glory.

Ensemble wedding dress and accessories with glasses
If you want glasses to become an attribute of your image, pay attention to the outfit. A wedding dress should not be full of ruffles, lace and rhinestones. The best option is a dress of a simple cut with a light decor, especially since minimalism is now in vogue. But the bride in the dress “a la princess” in a pile of tulle, and even with glasses look simply ridiculous.

Instead of a veil, it is better to wear a graceful hat, veil or diadem. If you can’t do without a veil at all, choose the usual single-layer, without lace and catchy details, otherwise your face will be completely covered, but you do not want this, right?

Hairstyle and makeup
Best of all, glasses are in harmony with collected or half-grown hair. A strict bunch is inappropriate, otherwise you will give the impression of an overly business lady, but a large number of curls and curls will not play into your hands. Braids, picked up curls, asymmetric styling look good. Brides with short hair and glasses also look very stylish.

You can afford to choose a large necklace or bracelet, but it is better to refuse unnecessarily massive earrings. Elegant droplets or cloves look much better.

bride with glasses: a highlight of the wedding image photo 10 bride with glasses: a highlight of the wedding image photo 11
bride with glasses: the highlight of the wedding image photo 12
And finally about makeup. The fact that you hid your eyes behind the glasses makes you look good from liability

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