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Wedding makeup – the nuances and beauty secrets

On the most joyful and happy day, every bride wants to be dazzlingly beautiful! This is one of the most important events in the life of young people and therefore everything should be at the highest level. Even choosing the same dress and matching shoes and accessories, the girl should also take care of impeccable wedding makeup and hairstyle, making a final emphasis in her fairy-tale and magical look.

Wedding makeup is different from everyday and can sometimes be a real masterpiece. It is impossible to overdo it, everything should be natural and at the same time expressive. The festive day will gradually turn into a gala evening, and the bride should be fresh, like a rose, and attract the eyes of guests. Agree, it will be very disappointing if the makeup is accidentally smeared during an unforgettable wedding dance or banquet.

The nuances of wedding makeup
To make a perfect and really beautiful wedding make-up, it is better to invite a make-up artist who will make the image of the bride whole. The main thing is not to conduct excessive experiments on the eve of the wedding. You need to choose only proven and high-quality cosmetics, because it is not known what surprises will await you. This category of “surprises” includes an unexpected change in weather conditions, and walks, and fun contests, and just the arms of loved ones and guests.

Be sure to bring a makeup bag with you, keep it handy. Do not forget to periodically look at yourself in the mirror and, as far as possible, make adjustments. If the makeup bag does not fit into your image, you can trust her bridesmaid. You should not get carried away with the abundance of sparkles, they have the peculiarity of scattering over the body and dress, creating a scruffy appearance, and the camera does not “like” these elements too much, they can spoil more than one picture.

The most important thing before the wedding is a healthy sleep. Fatigue and dark circles under the eyes did not adorn even a single bride. If you suddenly got up in the morning with dark circles under your eyes – put lotions of freshly brewed tea for 10 minutes – and the swelling, fatigue and dark circles will go away.

A few interesting things about wedding makeup
It is advisable to choose only warm tones close to the natural complexion, however, one must take into account both the type of face and the bride’s outfit;
A common mistake of brides is the use of blush and lipstick to match the jewelry or color of the dress. The result of such an experiment will be unpleasant: the decor of the outfit and blush will seem like one solid spot, this does not paint the girl, but rather makes her look like a doll;
For dresses in pink shades, decorative cosmetics in beige or peach should be selected;
If there is no stylist in your city or you want to create your own unforgettable image yourself, try to adhere to minimalism and a natural style. Wedding fashion is quite conservative, the abundance of makeup is not the best choice, it would be better if they are natural tones that emphasize the beauty and femininity of the bride.
A few touches – and the skin is flawless
Before applying makeup, especially wedding, you need to pay attention to the skin of the face. Pay special attention to the central part of the face. Begin by cleansing the skin from the beginning of the nose to its tip, using a corrector to extinguish all flaws. If you have enlarged pores or acne marks, take a higher density corrector. Small acne can be hidden using a green corrector that will reliably hide redness. Remember, if the central part of the face is smooth and even, then the effect of grooming is guaranteed.

bridal makeup – art
The most delicate skin is around the eyes and mouth. Be sure to brush the nasolabial folds, the upper eyelid, to better strengthen the shadows and fade out bruises or swelling under the eyes.

Secrets of the tonal foundation
Do not forget to apply the foundation not only on the face, but also on the neck and décolleté, so that the skin of these areas does not contrast with each other. To make your face seem soft and velvety – do not forget to take loose powder.

Do not overdo it with blush – remember: naturalness is above all. “How to apply blush?” You ask. Of course, smiling. It is with a smile that the line of the cheekbones is more clearly indicated. Two small strokes – and your image will be filled with lightness and freshness.

“A thin thread, raised in surprise”
Makeup specialists consider eyebrows to be one of the most significant parts of a woman’s face. The ugly shape of the eyebrows can ruin the whole impression of wedding makeup.

A few days before the wedding, be sure to pluck the eyebrows, pre-cooling them with ice cubes. Draw an eyebrow line with a pencil that matches their natural color. Blondes should give preference to gray or brown tones, but brunette can use a black pencil. Thin, like eyebrow strings, have long gone out of fashion. Now naturalism and naturalness prevail – a thick eyebrow with a thinned tip. If the eyebrows are not very thick, the gaps can be filled with special eyebrow powder or a pencil.

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