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Preparation at the bride’s house

Probably, on no other day does the bride’s heart beat so deafeningly as on the day before the wedding. Still would! How does that not get nervous? After all, the wedding is almost the main day in life. And just on the day before the wedding, you can forget about some little things. And this then, if it does not spoil the holiday, it will leave a bitter precipitate in the soul.

In order not to forget anything, we have prepared a short memo for the brides – what the bride needs to take care of on the day before the wedding, or how the bride should prepare for the wedding.

Decoration of the route, or how to make the groom’s road beautiful, but not easy
Wait, the groom! Not a step from the spot! Your bride lives here!

The house in which the bride lives turns into an impregnable fortress. This is created by colored ribbons. As the saying goes: “our bride is hidden behind seven bows …”

Two ribbons of different colors, each of which is about 1.5 meters long, are tied to a bow, and the extreme ends are tied for supports or carnations driven into the walls, fixed with tape. Guests can hold ribbons in their hands if there is nothing to attach them to.

These are impromptu obstacles. Wide satin ribbons are best used. They look elegant, easily tied to a bow, and then easily untied as they pass the tests.

Such obstacles in the right amount are pulled along the groom’s route to the table, at which his lover is waiting.

You can decorate the route of the groom’s retinue with comic posters, balls, baskets of flowers to set up the groom for the upcoming solemnity of events.

Bride’s house

Decorations for guests of the bride
All those invited before the start of the traditional ransom attach wedding decorations for guests to their chests. It can be the same self-adhesive hearts of a bizarre shape, with wedding rings or with the inscription: “With love!”, “Advice and love!”, “Happy Wedding Day!”; boutonnieres or single flowers, holiday ribbons are possible.

Matchmakers are tied with wide ribbons with the words “Swat”, “Matchmaker”!

The witness (friend) is bandaged with a ribbon with the inscription “Honorary witness”.

The bride’s father must not forget to prepare a beautiful bouquet for the groom’s mother.

Bride room decoration
The room in which the bride is waiting for the groom should look festive. Decorations can be festive wedding garlands, posters such as “Marriage of love is not a hindrance!”, Balloons, floral arrangements, bride’s favorite toys, etc.

Table decoration
The table at which the bride sits is set in an elegant room, covered with a white tablecloth. On the table are light snacks, preferably in the form of canapes, fruits, sweets, champagne, necessarily “wedding bulls” and elegant napkins. Try to pick skewers for canapes with hearts. And, choosing champagne to treat guests, give preference to a bottle with the label “White Dance”.

“Wedding bulls” are two bottles connected by a ribbon or fastened with a special bottle ring “Couple”. As a bull, choose a bottle of champagne and a bottle of vodka or a bottle of champagne and a bottle of wine, you can two bottles of champagne.

Bottle decoration
Champagne bottles with white and golden foil on the cork look dressed in dresses of the “groom” and “bride”. In specialized stores now there are a lot of such outfits, for every taste: from fabric, bright ribbons and flowers, cardboard.

It is easy to make such outfits yourself. It is only necessary to prepare elegant shreds of white and black. If you pick up a patch of tulle with a thread, and then fix it on a small wreath of small white flowers, you get a wedding veil. She can easily put on the neck of champagne with white foil on the cork. The next patch of white satin is gathered along the upper edge and tied around the bottle, turning into an elegant dress that is decorated with flowers.

A bottle with golden foil is turned into a “bridegroom” with the help of a white satin, which is tied around the neck according to the principle of a “one gender after another” scarf – this is a shirt, a patch of satin or velvet of black or gray color is tied a little lower in level in the same way. This is a jacket. From above, as you already understood, a white shirt collar peeps out. Attach a small tie or bow tie to it. Do not forget to attach the buttonhole “on the lapel” of the improvised jacket.

The tape for tying the “bulls” is better to take red, as a symbol of passion and love of two hearts.

Wedding champagne

Wedding icon
To bless the young, before leaving for the registry office, the mother of the bride prepares the icon of the Mother of God. If this icon is large in size, it is placed in a holy corner on a rushnyk, and during the blessing it is picked up.

As soon as the ransom ends, all the guests go out, the mother and father of the bride bless the young with a family life. You can just congratulate the young and wish for everything that the parent heart tells you.

Wedding icon and other little things

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