Wedding make-up is a special make-up genre, a cross between evening and daytime options. His goal is to emphasize the natural beauty and tenderness of the bride, but at the…

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How to choose a wedding hairstyle and makeup? Expert Advice!
When you start thinking about your wedding look, the first thing you think about is a wedding dress, right? But do not forget about the hairstyle with makeup! They have…

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Wedding make-up is a special make-up genre, a cross between evening and daytime options. His goal is to emphasize the natural beauty and tenderness of the bride, but at the…

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Wedding hairstyle with her hair

Wedding hairstyles with her hair look very feminine and gentle. When choosing a hairstyle that would complement the wedding look, many brides stop at the classic version – beautifully laid loose hair and they are absolutely right.

Wedding hairstyles with her hair

With their simplicity and elegance, hairstyles conquered a lot of hearts, in addition, they are very easy to do on their own without resorting to the services of professionals, although each girl has an opinion on this.

Wedding hairstyles with loose hair on long hair

Types of Wedding Hairstyles with Loose Hair
Method 1. Straightened hair
The most popular and easiest option is to align the strands with an iron and a thermal protector that creates a specific volume. As a decoration, it is worth using one large decorative element – a living or artificial flower, hoop or diadem.

Straight loose hair as a hairstyle for a wedding

Wedding hairstyle with straight hair

Long hairstyle wedding hairstyle suits everyone
This type of hairstyle is good if you are lucky with the weather and it is calm, otherwise after leaving the car, perfect styling will begin to disintegrate before our eyes. In addition, despite the romance, this option is not suitable for brides who will be married in the church, so you will have to think over how to collect hair.

Middle Hairstyle Wedding Hairstyle

But for owners of short hair, this option will come in handy, because if you curl them in tight curls, then the already small length will decrease significantly.

Medium Hair Wedding Hairstyle

The only exception is that you should not create volume at the roots if the bride has a full face, because her hair will emphasize this. The best option for this case is straightened hair, laid on one side and secured with a beautiful massive hairpin. Also, flowers and headbands are suitable as decoration.

Wedding hairstyles for long loose hair with accessories

Method 2. Drop-down curls

Cascading curls, strands and special styling are suitable for wedding hairstyles to owners of long and medium hair. Hairstyles laid on one side look very beautiful.

Wedding hairstyles with loose hair on one side

Wedding hairstyles with flowing curls

If your hair is not wavy by nature, you can curl it, but do not spare the fixing agents, because in bad weather they can straighten quickly.

Curly Wedding Hairstyles

Wedding hairstyles with loose hair with bangs and without
For owners of short haircuts, hairpieces or hair extensions can be an alternative. Do not overdo it with jewelry – a pair of beautiful hairpins or one flower is enough. The bangs are mostly laid to one side, because the straight bangs do not mix well with curls.

Wedding hairstyle with false hair
photo: Wedding hairstyle with her hair, false curls and a chignon

Method 3. Intricate weaving
The combination of beautiful weaving and loose hair for a wedding hairstyle is considered a win-win. Flagella or pigtails are laid on the frontoparietal zone and firmly fixed with hairpins, and the lower part of the hair is curled and left loose. It will be very interesting to look if pearls or small decorative flowers are woven into the hair along the entire length.

Wedding hairstyle with loose hair with braids

The main thing is to remember that the more intricate the weaving on the head, the more original the composition will look. Do not use catchy and massive decorative elements – they distract attention from the beauty of weaving and can visually make the image heavier. You can also fix individual strands on the back of your head with the help of beautiful decorative hairpins.

Wedding hairstyles with loose hair with intricate weaving

Whatever version of hairstyle you choose, do not forget that it should be combined with the general style of your image, emphasizing the beauty and femininity of the bride.

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