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Fashionable wedding hairstyles 2015

Wedding hairstyle should be special, emphasize the beauty of the bride and complement her image favorably. Wedding trends change every year, although there are hairstyles that will never become obsolete! What do stylists advise? What fashion trends for wedding hairstyles await us in 2015? How to choose the perfect styling? – You will find answers to these questions in this article!

We will make a reservation right away, in 2015, stylists rely on feminine and laconic silhouettes!

A few tips for choosing a wedding hairstyle:

Dark hair visually makes the bride more adult: to look younger, the hair is pulled back, do not bangs;
Braids look better on fair hair, and curls look better on dark hair;
Tall brides should avoid voluminous hairstyles, it is better to give preference to curls or braids;
Brides of short stature are better off giving up low bunches and tails, and bet on voluminous styling, tiaras and other accessories that visually lengthen the figure;
Be sure to consider the shape of the face when choosing a hairstyle. For a square face shape, a hairstyle with a rounded bang is suitable, you can release several curls on the sides – so the styling will be more natural. For owners of an oval face shape, most haircuts are suitable: a dark and saturated color better emphasizes beautiful and regular features. For girls with a “heart” face, hairstyles with curls in the lower part of the styling, as well as wide and lush hairstyles, are suitable. If the face is round, you need to visually lengthen it, you can make ombre coloring (dark tones at the bottom, light at the top), it is better to refuse volumetric haircuts with curls and curls on the sides, you should not do long bangs either. Owners of an oval face are elongated bangs, voluminous from the sides of the hairstyle;
For lush dresses, it is better to choose a beautiful styling, but without an abundance of decorative elements. Silhouette dresses can be complemented with loose and gathered curls. If the dress is strict, then the hairstyle should be elegant, but simple. Empire style silhouette, Greek style harmoniously looks with curls and braids. Short dresses do not go well with voluminous hairstyles – focus on simplicity;
In 2015, naturalness is in fashion, so the hair color should be natural, rich and beautiful. Coloring and highlighting is still in the past, at the peak of popularity, honey and brown shades of hair;
Experiment with parting, bangs, silhouettes, make a trial hairstyle – then you will know better what suits your style and what is absolutely contraindicated.

Wedding hairstyles for long and medium hair 2015
Minimalism. Now minimalism style is the most appropriate: airy and simple styling with a minimum of styling tools, complemented by one large accessory, will be a win-win option for a celebration in any style. It is best to collect hair on the top or back of the head.
Decorate the hairstyle, which was nicknamed “French twist” by designers with massive rims or large hairpins that will immediately catch your eye.

Deliberate negligence. In place of strict styling, where each hair lies in its place, enchanting and light hairstyles come. Loose braids, slightly tattered ponytails look very interesting. Equally healthy look and loose hair with a minimum of styling.

As for jewelry, it’s enough to pick up one large hairpin or several small “pearls”. This hairstyle is best combined with a sundress or dress of a simple cut, this is a great option for a summer or beach wedding.

All kinds of ponytails. Previously, the ponytail was not considered the best hairstyle for the bride, but in 2015, ponytail styling became a real trend of the season. Stylish interceptions and weaves, classic tails tied with many textile ribbons, intricate combinations with braids, usual smooth ponytails decorated with flowers and hairpins are a great addition to the image of the bride. Such a simple hairstyle looks very organically on medium and long hair.

Boho style and bohemian styling. This is the embodiment of femininity, beauty and harmony. This style appeared in the 60s, in fact, it is a mixture of different eras and cultures. Deliberate lightness and simplicity is very harmoniously combined with complex forms. For the decor, mainly natural materials are used – silk and chiffon ribbons, real flowers, lace dressings, velvet hairpins and much more.

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