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Wedding hairstyles 2014 – the main trends

Each bride wants to look attractive and unique at her celebration, so the image also needs to be thought out in advance. This also applies to hairstyles: first of all, you need to focus not only on fashion trends, but also on individual features: skin color, face type, dress style. A hairstyle or haircut that looks amazing on a glossy magazine model may not suit the bride at all.

An ideal wedding hairstyle is possible only on well-groomed and healthy hair, so do their restoration in advance. If you are not sure that you will feel comfortable with an avant-garde, but fashionable hairstyle, give preference to classics. Do not neglect professional styling, pay special attention to the choice of wedding accessories: wedding hairstyles 2014 are simplicity, naturalness, sensuality, which you can emphasize with the help of beautiful hair clips, tiaras, headbands, living and artificial flowers, veils and other decor elements.

The trends in the wedding hairstyle 2014 include:

Simplicity and naturalness;
Different variations of bangs;
Bizarre or irregular shape, asymmetry;
Various options for braids and weaving;
Strict bundles;
Unusual and catchy accessories.
Wedding hairstyles with her hair and curls
What can better emphasize the beauty of a woman than beautifully styled shiny hair? – Such a hairstyle will help create a romantic image, add femininity and charm to it, it suits any face shape.

The fashion trend of 2014 is a lush wedding hairstyle and comb. Such styling hails from the distant 60s, they were dearly loved by women, whose hair could not boast of a colossal volume. Modern stylists can easily turn thin hair into a thick and magnificent mop. Hairstyles with curls are also popular: they look very gentle on both long and short hair. Large, maximally natural curls that can be decorated with an original rim and fresh flowers are in fashion. You can alternate curls with braids and model a hairstyle depending on the style of the wedding and the preferences of the bride.

Wedding hairstyles with veil
The veil is not only a symbol of the bride, but also her decoration. If you want to emphasize your charm and youth, then hairstyles with a veil are what you need. Such styling should not be intricate: a simple bundle or slightly selected curls are enough – the veil itself will complement the picture. A hairstyle with a mantilla will also be interesting: in this case, it is worth giving preference to a braid or curls laid on one side. The veil is attached to the crown with the help of reliable combs or hairpins: it should be as light as possible, otherwise by the end of the day it will cause quite significant discomfort.

Retro style
Have you ever dreamed of returning to the past for several decades? – now it is possible, because fashion is cyclical, it returns to us what was relevant earlier. Retro wedding hairstyles are no exception. Remember Chicago in the 20s, 30s of the last century? – The hairstyle with the interesting name “cold wave” is again at the peak of popularity. This is a side installation, which is made out with the help of clamps and clips. A great option for a wedding in retro style.

As an addition to the hairstyle, you can choose hairpins with stones, feathers, rhinestones, original headbands, combs and, of course, veils. Hats with a veil can become the very “highlight” of the image of the bride and replace many veiled veils.

Smooth hairstyles
All kinds of bunches and shells are still relevant. This is one of the simplest hairstyles that can be done even at home. For example, to create a shell, you need to lay your hair in a tail, make a hole at its base and hide the ends of the tail inside the hair, fixing it with invisibility. The trend of the new season is the so-called “French twist”, it is created by twisting, leaving a few dropping strands that curl. Decorate such a hairstyle with fresh flowers or hairpins. Various tails look simple but original – they can also be supplemented with bright accessories.

Hairstyles with wreaths
Since themed and stylized weddings are more fashionable than ever, hairstyles, the main decoration of which is a wreath, are very relevant. You can combine a wreath with a veil. As for the colors of this accessory, they can be various: from pastel shades to bright and saturated colors. A hairstyle under a wreath is carelessly curled curls: it is this carelessness that gives the bride a special charm and charm.

Short wedding hairstyles
In 2014, short wedding hairstyles are more relevant than ever, one of the most popular areas is minimalism. Such a haircut does not need special styling and is suitable for brides whose hair is naturally volumeless. Interesting are short haircuts with braids-rims made of artificial curls, as well as multi-layer and “patchwork” styling, which look very natural.

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