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Greek Style Wedding Hairstyles

Greek-style hairstyles are now at the peak of popularity, because they emphasize the natural beauty and femininity of the bride, are a sign of high style and an ageless fashion trend. Even such a seemingly insignificant element of the image as a hairstyle can completely transform a girl. What can we say about the Greek styling, thanks to which each bride and groom can feel like a goddess of love and beauty Aphrodite, emerging from the foam of sea waters. It is worth saying that such a hairstyle will look perfect with a wedding dress in the Greek style.

The history of Greek hairstyles dates back more than one decade. It was Ancient Greece that was destined to become the birthplace of hairdressing and cosmetology. Even despite the noticeable complexity, hairstyles in the Greek style emphasize the very beauty and texture of the hair and do not overload the image with unnecessary details. A feature of hairstyles in the Greek style is the presence of curls, waves and weaves.

What are the benefits of a Greek-style wedding hairstyle or à la Greece?
Hairstyles and styling in this style are suitable for any face shape, they can be done on both long and medium hair;
Greek hairstyles emphasize the beauty and femininity of the bride;
You can combine styling with a variety of accessories and decorative elements – tiaras, flowers, headbands, dressings and others;
Such hairstyles look very natural, for their styling you do not have to use a lot of varnish or fixing wax. Greek styling is practical, they will not obstruct the movement, and the hair does not go into the eyes;
Even if your wedding dress does not belong to the Greek style, you may well be able to make yourself an original Greek hairstyle, as they are combined with any styles of dresses;
After the official ceremony of painting, the bride will be able to remove the veil and demonstrate to the guests a beautiful and refined hairstyle that will last until the evening and will delight the girl with her impeccability.
How to choose a Greek-style wedding hairstyle?
wedding hairstyles in the Greek style photo 1 There are many variations of Greek hairstyles – bows, tails, fancy weave, braids, curls and much more. You can make the styling unique and original with the help of accessories – beautiful dressings, ribbons, headbands, flowers, the main thing is that the hairstyle and outfit look harmonious. You should not overdo it with decorative elements, remember that all the beauty of the Greek style is in its naturalness.

If you have short hair, do not despair, you can lay it with a beautiful wave and fix it with varnishes and a hairpin, a small bang with a wavy parting will organically combine with this hairstyle. In extreme cases, you can use hairpieces and overhead strands.

Types of wedding hairstyles in the Greek style
Owners of long and medium hair can easily choose the right option, the main thing is to curl their hair, because Greek women curly hair naturally, so they can afford to make hairdressing masterpieces of any complexity. A bride with delicate curls will look very romantic, a more practical is a hairstyle, picked from the sides and secured with a double or triple hoop or a strong hair clip. Beautiful braids or intricate knots or flagella are always in fashion, let’s talk about the advantages and disadvantages of each type of hairstyle.

Geter hairstyle or styling with stefana
For this variation of the Greek hairstyle, you need to lay the hair on the back of the head in a bun, on top of which they put on a special hat with a net, which hairdressers call “stefana”. Often this hat is decorated with pearls, golden lacing and even precious stones. Around stefans, curls are finely curled, the forehead should be covered or half-closed.

wedding hairstyles in the Greek style photo 2-1 wedding hairstyles in the Greek style photo 2-2
photo: Greek-style wedding hairstyles: getter and styling with stefana

You can leave part of the curls loose or make several flagella or a free braid. Weaving is decorated with elegant chains, flowers or small pearls. If you have a richly decorated hairstyle, you can not decorate your neck with jewelry, but graceful long earrings that go down to the bride’s shoulders will look very elegant.

Lampadion Hairstyle
Greek-style wedding hairstyles photo 3 The name Lampadion was given to the hairstyle due to the fact that in its form it is very similar to flames. Such styling will require a lot of effort from the stylist, but the result is worth it. Please note: in this variation, the forehead opens completely, so for girls with a square or triangular shape, it will not work too well. They can make a combination of “tongues of flame” and flowing curls that will smooth facial features.

The hair is divided into a single parting, one strand is taken at the back of the head and tightly bandaged with braid at the roots.

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