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Wedding Makeup: 10 Common Mistakes

A wedding is not only the happiest day, but also the most exciting. After setting the date of the ceremony for the bride, a fun time begins – you need to find the perfect dress, come up with fashionable wedding makeup and hairstyle, which are no less important. We’ve already talked about what tools are best used on this day. Now let’s figure out what, on the contrary, is not worth doing. Make-up artist Eliza Rampi, among whose clients Sienna Miller and Fernanda Liz, shared what mistakes should be avoided when preparing for the main event.

“There are no strict rules. Makeup is like a suit to order: it must be specially tailored for you, taking into account individual characteristics. Most importantly, you should be comfortable with make-up, ”says Rampi. However, there are universal tips that will be useful for every bride.

Be careful with tanning.
A few days before the wedding, you should not visit the solarium, use tanning, or be in the sun for a long time. The redness that may occur, of course, is actually blocked by a tonal agent, but traces of tanning will still be reflected in photographs. The camera flash flashes instantly. Therefore, in order to avoid corrupted images, do not chase after a dark skin tone in a short time.

Use proven funds
Eliza Rampi does not recommend the use of previously untried products on the eve of the wedding. Moreover, the rule is relevant for both skin and hair care products and cosmetics. “We don’t know exactly how skin or hair can react to a new product. After applying an unfamiliar product, you may not like the result. And in the worst case, an allergy or irritation will appear. ”

Do not experiment with looks
Before the wedding, you should not experiment with your image. First of all, this rule applies to hairstyles. No matter how much change you want, on the eve of your wedding day, don’t cut off your bangs or squares. Also, do not dramatically change the color of your hair and turn from a brunette into a blonde or vice versa. The same applies to cosmetic procedures – even the most minimal, such as eyebrow tattooing. A wedding is not the case when it is worth experimenting and trying new things. Due to lack of time, you cannot correct an unsuccessful result, which will only spoil your mood and add unnecessary worries.

Listen to yourself
Bridesmaids are your faithful helpers in preparing for the wedding. But it’s better to go for trial makeup and hairstyle alone. So you can get to know your stylist better, tune in to the general mood and calmly discuss your image for your wedding day. In the choice of hairstyles and makeup, it is best to rely on your own feelings, the advice of girlfriends can interfere with this.

Do test makeup at the right time
If, for example, the celebration is planned for the end of summer, it makes no sense to conduct test makeup in the spring. Each season will require different funds. Both complexion and skin condition may change. Also, if you have rashes before rehearsing your makeup, it is best to put it off until the skin returns to normal.

Do not be lazy to repeat test makeup
If you decided on a hairstyle and makeup as soon as you set a date, Eliza Rampi advises making a trial version again. During the preparation, you could change a lot of details, for which it is worth changing your beauty image. Especially if in the final version the dress and accessories were changed, which play a decisive role in choosing makeup and hairstyles. Trial tests should be carried out two to five months before the wedding date.

Choose makeup and hairstyle for dress and accessories
To create the perfect look, it is important for the makeup artist and stylist to understand what dress and accessories you will have. Therefore, put on clothing that is most similar in style to the test makeup and hairstyle so that the neckline and other open areas are most identical to your holiday outfit.

Prepare your skin in advance
Start preparing your skin a few months before the wedding. On your first test make-up, choose with the makeup artist a comprehensive facial treatment that you will follow. In the last minutes, relaxing or moisturizing masks can work, but still it’s worth preparing the skin in sequence. This advice is also relevant for naughty and oily hair who need to choose special products in advance.

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