Wedding hairstyle with bangs
Wedding hairstyle with bangs can be a profitable addition, and sometimes the foundation of the style and image of the bride. It is not surprising that every girl devotes a…

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Wedding hairstyles with flowers for short, medium and long hair
If you are the owner of short hair, do not be upset - professional stylists know dozens of ways to make a beautiful and interesting styling. (Read - Wedding hairstyle…

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Wedding is the main event in the life of every girl, requiring serious preparation. Indeed, on this day, she will be the center of attention and therefore must look impeccable…

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All attention is directed to the bride. And on the wedding day, she should be beautiful, sophisticated and elegant. A special tandem creates a bride’s dress, wedding makeup and hairstyle. It is better to choose a natural and natural styling than experimenting with hairpieces or a variety of accessories. The choice of the hairstyle itself depends on the condition of the hair and its length. But even with a short haircut, you can look romantic and tender. Hair dyeing is best done a few days before the wedding. Be sure to consider the type of person when choosing a wedding hairstyle!

Hairstyles for oval face
Brides with a similar face shape should not worry about choosing a hairstyle. Almost anything will suit them, whether it’s a short playful haircut or chic Hollywood curls. You can choose a hairstyle in the Greek style with the inclusion of elements in it in the form of real flowers, combined with a wedding bouquet.

Hairstyles for a square face
If you have a square face shape, then the hairstyle should visually reduce massive cheekbones. A bang or haircut with smooth rounded shapes is right for you. You can create soft large curls that will effectively frame your face, giving it a special flirty and romantic.

Hairstyles for round face
In this case, it is necessary to visually lengthen the face. You can create an elegant elongated caret, remove the hair on the sides, create a spectacular pile. Large heavy braids will look great. Hairpieces from natural hair can be included in the hairstyle to create additional volume.

Hairstyles for a triangular face
Asymmetrical haircuts are ideal for brides with a triangular face shape. You can make a slanting bang or short curl your hair. The extra volume of the hairstyle will visually balance the forehead and chin. At the same time, you can achieve an easy and playful image of a happy bride.

Do not forget about the veil! It should be in harmony with your hairstyle and with the rest of the wedding attire. You can decorate the hairstyle with flowers of small sizes. But it is important that they are natural. No artificial roses! You should look as natural as possible. A wedding is not a carnival. A well-chosen hairstyle will make you a real queen at your own wedding.

The basic rules in choosing a styling are that experiments are not allowed here. No need to radically change your haircut or repaint yourself in unexpected colors, unless of course your wedding is not traditional.

I will be pleased to create for you the perfect image of a happy and welcome bride. I will help to work it out not only in terms of creating a hairstyle, but also in terms of competent makeup. I will be happy to give you tips on your appearance. I will choose the best haircut option for you.
You yourself will be convinced that I am a true professional in my field. Let’s create a wedding fairy tale together! Do not save on the services of a makeup artist or stylist. After all, a wedding is such an event in life that happens only once. You should look perfect not only at the celebration, but also at the wedding photos, which you will review with special trepidation in the heart.

For what length of hair is a hairstyle suitable

Happy owners of long hair are practically unlimited in choice, they can choose for themselves the most bizarre hairstyles in the Greek style, photos of which are presented on the network. A win-win option – curls falling on the back, combined with an elegant rim of hair on the top of the head. The bezel can be created with smooth strands, braids or neat curls.
Brides with medium hair length often choose styling, in which the wound strands are collected in a neat bundle on the back of the head. If there is not enough natural volume, a wedding hairstyle in the Greek style with a pile is suitable. As a spectacular addition to this option, you can consider silk ribbons of pastel colors, hairpins with rhinestones, voluminous hairpins and flowers.

Some brides are worried about the question: how will the Greek-style wedding hairstyle combine with bangs? There are lots of ways to style your hair with bangs in Greek beautifully. If the length allows, you can turn the bangs into a braid or wind with the rest of the hair, and then stab it on the side. Also, hair from the forehead can be removed under an elegant bandage or completely aligned and left in place. Greek hairstyles – a universal option for any event, however, the wedding gives the bride a great opportunity to show all the charm and grace of ancient culture.

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