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Makeup for the bride

Any bride simply must look her best. Her makeup should not be either pale or too bright, should emphasize natural beauty, while leaving room for naturalness. If the wedding is scheduled for morning or afternoon, then makeup can be easy using pastel and gentle tones, without any sharp transitions, that is, everything should be very harmonious and perfectly combined with the image of the bride.

Eye makeup
To add zest to the image, golden and silver powder is used. We should also talk about the eyes, which need to be given as much expression as possible. Wedding stylists advise using shadows with pearly or golden particles. Mascara must be waterproof, suddenly you can’t hold back the tears of joy.

But with an eyeliner you should be careful. With inept use, you can make the makeup look rough. To avoid this result, it is recommended to use dry shadows that are superimposed on the very base of the eyelashes. White pencil will help you to correct the shape of the eyes.

Face makeup
Often brides make the following mistake: they put on a colored dress, for example, with the inclusion of pink, and for makeup take the same pink tones. In this case, the face can easily merge with the dress and give the future wife a very ridiculous look.

Our makeup artists advise applying blush on the cheekbones, smiling. This, according to experts, will help to distribute the product evenly, and the face will look happy and fresh for a long time.

Lip makeup
Blush is better to choose delicate shades, for example, pink, like lipstick. Another option for the lips is a light beige shade.

Lipstick, balm or lip gloss is also worth choosing a more sustainable character. Before using lipstick, do the following:

apply a balm;
using a tone to cleanse his lips;
circle the outline with a pencil;
apply lipstick;
after a few seconds, wet your lips with a napkin;
Next comes the second layer of the product.
Makeup accent
Until recently, it was considered very fashionable to single out one thing: eyes, lips, cheekbones … Today, emphasis can be placed on two elements, for example, on the eyes and cheekbones, eyebrows and eyes, or eyebrows and lips.

In order to correctly determine which combination is right for you, you should correctly think over the whole fairy-tale image, style. Do not experiment on your wedding day, it is better to start in advance and choose the best option.

Five original ideas
Disco style

Suitable for creative and outrageous brides. The emphasis is on everything: long eyelashes, bright lipstick, pearlescent shadows …

Retro style

Perfect makeup for brides who have opted for vintage dresses. The skin color should be as natural as possible, scarlet lipstick is applied to the lips, blush is best to choose a light shade, for example, peach. Particular attention is paid to the eyes: white shades in combination with brown ones need to be slightly shaded, and thick arrows can be drawn on the eyelids.

Fiery makeup

Suitable for girls with bright red hair. For the eyes, a beige-red gamut of shadows is used, and for the lips – light purple or pearl color. It is worth remembering that red is very dangerous, and most importantly – do not overdo it.

Light makeup

It will help emphasize the natural beauty and highlight all the advantages of the face. It looks great with any classic outfit. The main thing here is the right choice of a tonal remedy that should hide all defects: an unexpectedly pimple popped up, bruises under the eyes due to a sleepless night. A green range is chosen for the eyes, and lips are painted with cream or pink lipstick.

Modern makeup

Of course, for those who follow all the fashion trends. This is an ultra-popular long thick bangs, even tan, a little shaded with bronze powder. On the eyelids it is better to apply light, almost white shadows, and highlight the eyes with a pencil. As for the lips, a light gloss is the best option.

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