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New Trends in Wedding Hairstyles

Usually, no wedding hairstyle can do without the corresponding decorations. Of course, classic hairstyles will always be popular, but fashion dictates its own rules, and it is worth listening to modern trends. Currently, a wedding hairstyle is not only curls and sparkles.

Veil – a symbol of tradition
A traditional hairstyle is decorated with a veil, which is also a symbol of the wedding. If before it was an obligatory part of the outfit, today a tendency is developing to refuse to use it. Form and length are not standardized in modern fashion, it all depends on the preferences of the bride and the designer’s imagination. A bride without a veil has become a mass phenomenon.

Often, veils are not used, because there are many other accessories to decorate the most important hairstyles in life. This choice is simply huge. You can weave a variety of ribbons, wreaths, threads into your hair. Floral wreaths look very feminine and natural.

The interwoven flowers look beautiful, both artificial and living. Real flowers can be treated with a special composition, and they will not fade throughout the celebration. It is not necessary to use only white flowers. Now relevant are red, pink, blue, cream shades. Moreover, it can be exquisite flowers, but recently, fashion has gravitated towards simplicity, so it is optimal to weave lilies, daisies, tulips.

The flower of the orange tree is a symbol of fate, so its use is very attractive.

The main thing is that they harmonize with the image of the bride. Do not think that artificial flowers are bad taste. Some copies are made so filigree that they are difficult to distinguish from real ones. Today it is fashionable to add rhinestones, pearls, silver threads and colored ribbons to the flowers. Thus, we get a sparkling waterfall from decor flowers and hairpins. Such a bride looks like a real queen.

Ribbons, pins, scallops – fashion accessories
Another trend in wedding hairstyles is the use of organza ribbons instead of veils. It can be decorated with embroidery, rhinestones, laser cutting and perforation. This fabric can be both shiny and matte. Modern hairstyles are fixed with different hairpins, hairpins and combs that can be matched to the style of the dress or bridal bouquet. It is the bet on accessories, and not on the form of hairstyles, that is relevant now, and experts predict that this will be for a long time to come.

Remains popular hairstyles with tiaras. Using this accessory, the bride becomes like a beautiful princess who marries her prince. Also, these ornaments were worn on the heads of the gods of Ancient Greece. In our case, the bride is the main goddess. Tiaras look great on long hair.

The main rule is not to go over
Today, a lot of weddings are held either at home or in nature. Therefore, for such a holiday, you should not get too carried away with different hairpins and decorative elements. In this environment, they will look elaborate or even ridiculous. Also, complex forms of hairstyles will be inappropriate here. If your celebration will be held in a luxurious restaurant, then you should think about the same luxurious decorations, which you can see by reference to match this atmosphere. But it is very important not to go too far with the elements of decoration.

A tendency is becoming more and more apparent, in which simplicity and style are welcomed without unnecessary intricacies and large curls. In the hairstyle – the hair is laid to the hair, and such hairstyles are slightly heavy. Airiness of hair is not in fashion. The hairstyles worn by Greta Garbo and Vivien Leigh look very stylish.

Actually complete the hairstyle with a round hat. She attracts attention and looks very original. Today, this accessory has become a familiar phenomenon, and some time ago its use was considered bold. The veil is not used in such a hairstyle. It can be very successfully replaced by a waterfall of white flowers.

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