Wedding Makeup: Everything You Wanted to Know
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Wedding makeup and hairstyle. Highlights.
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Hair preparation before the wedding
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Types of Wedding Hairstyles

Some types of wedding hairstyles can be distinguished: with a veil, with a diadem, with fresh flowers, hairstyles for weddings, etc.

Hairstyles with veil
The veil is a traditional wedding decoration, a symbol of the wedding itself. With a veil, many wedding signs are associated.

One of them: “the longer the veil, the longer the family life will be.”

This jewelry gives the bride a special beauty, tenderness and purity. The veil can be of several types: single-tier, two-tiered, multi-layer. If the bride wants to be in the veil, then the hairstyle must be selected based on this factor. Not every hairstyle will be complemented by this wedding symbol.

Wedding hairstyles with a single-tier veil give the bride’s image elegance and sophistication. The veil is fixed in the center of the hairstyle with the help of invisible or hairpins. A two-tier veil will perfectly complement a lush wedding dress, and the hairstyle will look voluminous. For solemn and pompous hairstyles using curly curls and hair, a two-layer veil is well suited. This veil is combined with a lot of details: with hairpieces, rhinestones, crystals, pearls, ribbons, flowers. A two-layer veil is fixed in the center of the hairstyle with pins or a comb. Perfectly complement such a hairstyle crown or diadem.

If you want to make a wedding in the Baroque style – a multilayer veil for you! A two-layer or multi-layer veil is suitable for weddings in the church. One of the layers of the veil will cover its head during the wedding ceremony, as required by the church.

Wedding hairstyles with diadem
This elegant and feminine accessory is perfect for almost any hairstyle. The diadem will look especially advantageous on long hair. Tiaras are also used in other formal hairstyles. Best of all with such a hairstyle locks and large curls are combined. The bride can choose a diadem in the shape of a crown or in the form of a thin rim. They are decorated with rhinestones, crystals, pearls or precious stones. A correctly selected diadem will make the bride look magnificent, refined and sophisticated. The main thing in this type of wedding hairstyle is the diadem itself, so it is necessary to focus on it. Additional elements of the decoration should not clutter it. The veil in this case also needs to be selected very carefully. If you want to combine a veil and a diadem, a two-tier veil will be the best option. To keep the hairstyle firmly, choose a diadem with a horizontal comb.

Wedding hairstyles with fresh flowers
Fresh flowers give the wedding hairstyle tenderness and femininity. Moreover, it is fashionable to use fresh flowers in a hairstyle. Leading stylists speak about this and demonstrate such hairstyles in their collections. Wedding hairstyles with flowers will suit all brides, and especially gentle and romantic. Flowers will well complement the hairstyle in the style of “Malvina” with fully or partially flowing hair, which is laid in cascade. Fresh flowers can decorate hair taken in a shell or babette.

Flowers adorn not only the hairstyle, but also the veil. This matter is best entrusted to a specialist.

Instead of natural ones, artificial flowers are often used. If they are made with high quality, then they also look very beautiful. The coloring and type of flowers can be very diverse. For example, blue flowers go to both blondes and brunettes. Brave girls can weave bright red roses into their hair. The main thing is that they harmonize with the dress and other details. In addition to ordinary flowers, you can use a wreath, which is appropriate to supplement with sequins, ribbons, pearls.

Wedding Hairstyles
The choice of such hairstyles is very limited by church foundations and traditions. Wedding hairstyle is required as simple as possible, without curls and extravagant jewelry. For this, hairstyles in the form of rollers or low buns are suitable. To be parted or not – the bride decides, the main thing is to comb the hair back. Note that zigzag partings are no longer relevant and have long gone out of fashion. Instead of hanging curls, you can use the ones taken in a bundle or braids to braid around the circumference of the head. Pigtails, like a traditional Russian hairstyle, are now very popular.

We remind you that in the church you should cover your head with a veil or scarf.

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