Wedding manicure: types, options, examples
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New Trends in Wedding Hairstyles
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Wedding hairstyle
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How to make a wedding hairstyle with your own hands

A wedding is without a doubt a joyful event, but also very costly. Just imagine how much you need to buy and cook, so that this long-awaited event will be remembered by the newlyweds and guests. Everyone wants to save some money. But on what? After all, marriage (in most cases) happens once in a lifetime, and I want everything to be the best. Just the image of the bride is worth it!

Wedding dress, shoes, accessories, hairstyle, makeup – all this, of course, is not cheap. On the dress, of course, it is better not to save, but the hair and makeup do not have to be done in an expensive salon. We will tell you how to make a beautiful hairstyle without leaving your home, while spending a minimum of money.

Hairstyle style
The fashion for fanciful and extravagant hairstyles has passed, so you can easily style your hair for a wedding look and you won’t have to pay big money for it. First of all, you need to choose a hairstyle style based on the style of the dress and accessories. Maybe you put on a veil, or maybe a hat, or you want to be a princess with a sparkling diadem on your head. All this must be considered when choosing a hairstyle. A few weeks before the ceremony, try to style your hair in the chosen option, it is better several times, so that on the wedding day you already know exactly what and how to do it.

It is better to ask a friend or mother to be, as they say, in the wings in case of an unforeseen situation. And do not forget about hairpins, hairpins, hairspray and hair foam and, of course, a hair dryer. It is imperative to prepare the workplace, all accessories should be at hand, the mirror is well lit.

Below we will give some hair styling options for the wedding ceremony, which are easy to do at home.

Tight knot
This option is one of the easiest. Foam is applied to clean and dried hair. If necessary, you need to straighten your hair with an iron, and then tighten it in the tail with an elastic band, which in turn is wrapped in a strand taken out of the tail. It is recommended to use a veil or veil, attaching it with pins. Depending on the length of your hair, you can make a straight tail or fluffy, curling it a little.

Bunch or “shell”
Similarly, we make the tail, but divide it into several parts and stack each one in a certain order. To emphasize the elegance and sophistication of hairstyles, the bundle needs to be fixed not with simple invisibles, but with studs with rhinestones or pearls.

Exquisite curls
This option is suitable for any bride and for any dress. If you are the owner of long hair, you can curl them on wide curlers, and if hair to the shoulders – feel free to choose a “wet” curl.

Retro hairstyle
A strong hold is required here. First you need to make a side part, then, starting from the roots, lay out the hair in the form of a wave, clamping each bend invisible. The most important thing is to shape the hair and make it stay as long as possible. Therefore, in the end, do not forget to spray hair with varnish.

Some more tips from experienced stylists
You can try to make more complex hairstyles. For example, braid a classic pigtail or “fish tail” on one side of the head and fix everything with varnish. Fresh flowers or a hat are attached to the other side.

With short haircuts, the highlight can be a veil fixed with hairpins. But you shouldn’t refuse from the veil either, it is easy to hold on top of the head, but it’s better to take a short one that emphasizes the playful mood. And if you have a fringe, it is advised to decorate it with rhinestones, which looks very elegant and beautiful.

Do not experiment too much before the wedding. If you wore a bang for the last couple of years, you do not need to give it up, and if you have long hair, it is better not to cut your hair too short. Painting should also be postponed, but if you still want to change the color of your hair, do it at least a week before the wedding.

In no case do not forget about the means of fixation, because the day is long and eventful, and it will be very unpleasant if your hairstyle breaks up quickly.

Check in advance if everything is ready for you: the required number of hairpins and invisibles, styling products, fresh flowers, if they are included in the hairstyle, etc. Hair cosmetics should be only high-quality and tested, and accessories – strong and reliable.

Still, think a hundred times if you can create a really stylish and perfect hairstyle. Maybe it’s better to use the services of a stylist and hairdresser?

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