Little Secrets of Wedding

How to choose a wedding stylist
Each bride on the eve of the wedding is concerned, first of all, with her appearance. After all, any girl wants to look just perfect on the day of their…

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Wedding Makeup: Everything You Wanted to Know
What makeup trends are worth highlighting this season? How to find your makeup artist? Why do I need a wedding rehearsal rehearsal? How to plan a bride’s morning? Wedding asked…

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How to make a wedding hairstyle with your own hands
A wedding is without a doubt a joyful event, but also very costly. Just imagine how much you need to buy and cook, so that this long-awaited event will be…

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Wedding hairstyle with braids

Each bride wants to feel like a princess at a wedding, so every element of the image is chosen very carefully. A hairstyle is no exception, it should correspond to the color type, the shape of the bride’s face, harmoniously complement the style of her outfit and just like the bride and groom. A universal option can be called wedding hairstyles with braids, which are now at the peak of popularity.

The braid is considered a symbol of femininity and beauty, not without reason in the old days girls married with skillfully braided braids, and the ritual of untying the braids symbolized the transition to a new, married life. It is worth noting that such hairstyles are very durable, they will retain their attractive appearance until the end of the celebration, and a little styling is required. As for originality, stylists are Continue reading

Wedding hairstyles with flowers for short, medium and long hair

If you are the owner of short hair, do not be upset – professional stylists know dozens of ways to make a beautiful and interesting styling. (Read – Wedding hairstyle for short hair). Try to experiment: if the hair is short and the bud itself cannot hold on to them, you can use rims, elastic bands, hairpins, combs on which the flower is attached. A very interesting option will be a large flower with a veil – such an image is very elegant, and for a wedding in retro style it will become a godsend.

An interesting accessory will be a hat with fresh flowers or a veil mantilla with a fixed bud. If you really want to, you can use artificial hair – false hairpieces and locks, from them you can form complex hairstyles – curls, flagella, weaving, braids, boucle, rollers, bows and others. An abundance of flowers is contraindicated for girls with a short haircut: 1-3 is the maximum, because sometimes because of the insufficient length the buds are difficult to fix and disguise, so you have to resort to various tricks, as a result, the hairstyle can break up.

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Wedding hairstyles with flowers

Flowers were woven into the bride’s hair in ancient times, and today wedding hairstyles with flowers are very popular, not only natural, but also artificial flowers are relevant. The advantage of the latter is that they do not fade, retain a presentable appearance for a long time, and they look very believable.

How to choose flowers for a hairstyle?
The first rule that brides should adhere to is a combination of composition in the hairstyle with a bridal bouquet and a wedding dress. Please note that the flowers should be freshly cut, and when choosing the right variety, you should consult with a florist and stylist who will work with your hair. Continue reading

Choose a short wedding hairstyle by the type of face

If you are a happy owner of a fashionable and stylish short haircut and want to make a beautiful styling for your own wedding, then our tips will definitely come in handy. Do not forget, because a short haircut opens your neck and face as much as possible, so you need to choose your styling, guided not only by the tips of glossy fashion magazines, but also by looking at your face type.

Wedding hairstyles for short hair can also surprise and delight the groom and guests, they can be decorated with a veil, diadem, rim, hairpins or fresh flowers. But the type of styling itself is selected in accordance with the individual characteristics of the bride’s face. Stylists distinguish 5 basic face shapes: oval, square, round, rectangular and triangular.

To understand what type of face nature has awarded you, you will need your close-up photo. Circle the face and tell which of the 5 geometric shapes it reminds you more. A similar procedure can be repeated at Continue reading

Wedding hairstyles with flowers
Flowers were woven into the bride’s hair in ancient times, and today wedding hairstyles with flowers are very popular, not only natural, but also artificial flowers are relevant. The advantage…


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