Little Secrets of Wedding

Preparation at the bride's house
Probably, on no other day does the bride’s heart beat so deafeningly as on the day before the wedding. Still would! How does that not get nervous? After all, the…

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Types of Wedding Hairstyles
Some types of wedding hairstyles can be distinguished: with a veil, with a diadem, with fresh flowers, hairstyles for weddings, etc. Hairstyles with veil The veil is a traditional wedding…

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Makeup as an art. Interview with makeup artist MaxFactor.
Vladimir Kalinchev is one of those men whom women are very pleased to leave. Even if they know that this was the only time. The transformation of female nature occupies…

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Wedding makeup for brunettes

Brunettes themselves are very bright and attractive, so makeup should only complement and emphasize the natural beauty of the bride. Wedding makeup for brunettes should not be too rich and combined with eye color and skin tone.

Taboo for brunettes is brick and terracotta shades, but a beige-olive or golden brown color scheme will come in handy. The blush should be saturated – dark peach, coral or carmine pink, but the choice of lipstick and eye shadow largely depends on the color of the eyes that nature has awarded the bride.

How to make the look expressive?
If your eye color is green, refrain from excessively dark and saturated eyeliner and mascara. Such eyes can be tinted with brown, bronze, dark green and golden shades and brown mascara. But the cold shades of blue do not suit you. Dark purple and creamy shades will also look interesting, but it is better not to experiment with pink and silver. Continue reading

Wedding makeup 2017: 10 main trends

Under the influence of changeable fashion, not only catalogs of dresses, but also make-up are changing. Of course, the fashion for wedding makeup retains a touch of conservatism, but at the same time, in 2017, several opposite approaches will be trending at once. On the one hand, designers remained attached to natural tones, on the other hand, they suggested that brides create deliberately graphic and alluring images.

TOP 10 wedding makeup trends 2017
1. Naturalness in everything: strobing
Designers propose to create the effect of healthy radiant skin using the strobe technique. Matte cold skin Continue reading

Wedding makeup and hairstyle. Highlights.

What girl doesn’t want to look like a queen at her own celebration? This desire is understandable. After all, it is the bride and groom who will be confined by the admiring glances of those present, enchanted by their harmony and happy radiant appearance. So, the image of the bride should be taken care of in advance. To emphasize the beauty and personality of the girl will help a wedding hairstyle and makeup, which must be done by a qualified makeup artist. An integral attribute is the bride’s hairstyle, which must be selected in accordance with the style and characteristics of the newlywed’s face.

Only with a competent approach to choosing makeup and hairstyles can you be sure of your irresistibility and magnificence. Consider every little thing in your image, so that on this solemn day you won’t be Continue reading

Bride with glasses: add a twist to the look

It is not so often that you can meet a bride with glasses, although according to statistics, approximately every third Russian woman has vision problems. Many ladies complex, try by hook or by crook to refuse glasses. Of course, it’s great if you are not allergic to contact lenses, but what about brides who can’t refuse the usual and necessary glass?

To be or not to be?
Let’s start with the fact that in recent years the glasses have changed: from the subject of ridicule, they Continue reading

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Wedding hairstyles with flowers
Flowers were woven into the bride’s hair in ancient times, and today wedding hairstyles with flowers are very popular, not only natural, but also artificial flowers are relevant. The advantage…


Wedding hairstyles for medium hair for an irresistible image of the bride
Spectacular styling with loose curls or an intricate hairstyle with hairpins for medium hair on the wedding day is a win-win option. The length of curls allows you to make…


Master class 4 - classic hairstyle french knot (shell)
Favorite hairstyle for weddings, gala events and dinner parties - the French knot is again on the list of fashion trends of the season, which came to us from fashion…


Choosing the perfect wedding hairstyle
Wedding hairstyle is one of the main aspects that you should pay special attention to. A correctly selected hairstyle complements the image of the bride, turns her into a real…