Little Secrets of Wedding

Wedding Manicure Ideas
Of course, the wedding day is the most amazing and long-awaited moment in the life of every woman. A bride dressed in a beautiful dress will always be in the…

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Wedding hairstyle with bangs
Wedding hairstyle with bangs can be a profitable addition, and sometimes the foundation of the style and image of the bride. It is not surprising that every girl devotes a…

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Preparation at the bride's house
Probably, on no other day does the bride’s heart beat so deafeningly as on the day before the wedding. Still would! How does that not get nervous? After all, the…

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Wedding hairstyles with curls

A wedding is a special event, therefore, the bride needs to approach the choice of her image with all responsibility. An important element is the hairstyle, which should correspond to the general style and characteristics of the girl. Wedding hairstyles with curls are very feminine and cute, they have long become classics of wedding fashion.

Of course, when choosing such a hairstyle, you need to take into account your hair condition, and the length does not play such an important role here – you can always use hairpieces, artificial strands or hair extensions. The point is the structure of the hair: if your hair is magnificent by nature, the curls will seem superfluous and ridiculous. In addition, curls are not the best choice for ladies with a round face shape – they will only make the image heavier, and the face will seem unnaturally large. Refuse from large accessories – a small diadem, a not too lush veil or a beautiful flower will complement the image in the best way possible. But it is better to refuse hats and veils.

Wedding hairstyle: tight curls or soft wavesTight curls or soft waves
Falling curls or wavy hair lying on the shoulders are still relevant. This hairstyle is not very difficult and is Continue reading

Wedding hairstyle with false strands

False strands are an amazing invention with which you can simulate a hairstyle of any complexity. If nature has not endowed you with long or thick hair, and at the wedding you want to look like a king, the best option would be a wedding hairstyle with false strands. They are easily attached with clips and hairpins and will help to give the hair the missing length or good volume. In addition, they can be used in everyday life.

There are two varieties of overhead strands – artificial and natural, the latter option, of course, is preferable. The stylist will help you choose the right length and shade, so that they will not differ from Continue reading

Choosing the perfect wedding hairstyle

Wedding hairstyle is one of the main aspects that you should pay special attention to. A correctly selected hairstyle complements the image of the bride, turns her into a real doll. However, the secret lies not only in a suitable hairstyle, but also in healthy hair, since healthy hair gives more naturalness to the image of the bride, which is important. Impeccably executed wedding hairstyle is admired, delighted, and the bride feels comfortable. It is imperative that the bride is happy with her hairdo, because in this case she will smile more and feel more confident.

Often, brides agree to various kinds of experiments with hair in search of the very image, but you should behave more carefully and do not radically change the hairstyle. If the bride decided, at all costs, to change her hair, then this must be done a few months before the wedding, so that in case of failure there was an opportunity to correct the shortcomings. Hair coloring should also be done about a week before the wedding ceremony. If there is still a sufficient amount of time before the wedding, you should start restoring damaged hair and accelerating their growth, if necessary. Continue reading

Preparation at the bride’s house

Probably, on no other day does the bride’s heart beat so deafeningly as on the day before the wedding. Still would! How does that not get nervous? After all, the wedding is almost the main day in life. And just on the day before the wedding, you can forget about some little things. And this then, if it does not spoil the holiday, it will leave a bitter precipitate in the soul.

In order not to forget anything, we have prepared a short memo for the brides – what the bride needs to take care of on the day before the wedding, or how the bride should prepare for the wedding.

Decoration of the route, or how to make the groom’s road beautiful, but not easy
Wait, the groom! Not a step from the spot! Your bride lives here!

The house in which the bride lives turns into an impregnable fortress. This is created by colored ribbons. As the saying goes: “our bride is hidden behind seven bows …” Continue reading

Little Secrets of Wedding Makeup

What associations do we have when we see the perfect image of the bride? – sophistication, magic, tenderness and femininity – all these epithets can be embodied by every girl on this fabulous day. However, few people know which work should seem ideal. Creating an image thought out to the smallest detail requires great skills, time and money. Most of the appearance flaws can be cleverly corrected if you know the simple secrets of makeup. We will talk about this in our article.

Face cleaning
A few weeks before X day, the bride needs to go to a beauty salon to cleanse and prepare her skin for applying professional cosmetics. Skin cleaning and peeling, eyebrow shape correction – this is the basis of the foundation. Choose a beautician carefully, his mistakes and incompetence can ruin an excellent mood. In addition, do not abuse the tanning bed – a red face that cannot be masked by any means is unlikely to increase your attractiveness. Continue reading

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