Preparation at the bride's house
Probably, on no other day does the bride’s heart beat so deafeningly as on the day before the wedding. Still would! How does that not get nervous? After all, the…

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Wedding is the main event in the life of every girl, requiring serious preparation. Indeed, on this day, she will be the center of attention and therefore must look impeccable…

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Master class 4 - classic hairstyle french knot (shell)
Favorite hairstyle for weddings, gala events and dinner parties - the French knot is again on the list of fashion trends of the season, which came to us from fashion…

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Wedding makeup step by step: tips and tricks

In order to realize all your ideas on the day of the wedding, you need to think through everything in advance to the smallest detail: from the place of organization of the celebration, to the image of the bride and groom. It is worth noting that wedding makeup is the very touch that will add elegance and give completeness to your image. To begin with, you should decide whether you invite a master to your house, or visit a salon? This is a rather important question, because it depends on, firstly, how you plan your day, and secondly, how much time you need to apply makeup. After the first stage of your wedding preparation is determined, it remains to choose an image and implement it.

The idea and implementation of wedding makeup
Preparatory stage
Face tone
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Wedding hairstyles with flowers for short, medium and long hair

If you are the owner of short hair, do not be upset – professional stylists know dozens of ways to make a beautiful and interesting styling. (Read – Wedding hairstyle for short hair). Try to experiment: if the hair is short and the bud itself cannot hold on to them, you can use rims, elastic bands, hairpins, combs on which the flower is attached. A very interesting option will be a large flower with a veil – such an image is very elegant, and for a wedding in retro style it will become a godsend.

An interesting accessory will be a hat with fresh flowers or a veil mantilla with a fixed bud. If you really want to, you can use artificial hair – false hairpieces and locks, from them you can form complex hairstyles – curls, flagella, weaving, braids, boucle, rollers, bows and others. An abundance of flowers is contraindicated for girls with a short haircut: 1-3 is the maximum, because sometimes because of the insufficient length the buds are difficult to fix and disguise, so you have to resort to various tricks, as a result, the hairstyle can break up.

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Wedding hairstyle with her hair

Wedding hairstyles with her hair look very feminine and gentle. When choosing a hairstyle that would complement the wedding look, many brides stop at the classic version – beautifully laid loose hair and they are absolutely right.

Wedding hairstyles with her hair

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Wedding manicure: types, options, examples
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Wedding makeup step by step: tips and tricks
In order to realize all your ideas on the day of the wedding, you need to think through everything in advance to the smallest detail: from the place of organization…


Care and restoration of nails
Craving to renew something in our guise, sometimes we just don’t know where to start and what to do first. If all the attention is paid to the hair, then…


Makeup as an art. Interview with makeup artist MaxFactor.
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