How to choose a wedding stylist
Each bride on the eve of the wedding is concerned, first of all, with her appearance. After all, any girl wants to look just perfect on the day of their…

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Wedding hairstyle with braids
Each bride wants to feel like a princess at a wedding, so every element of the image is chosen very carefully. A hairstyle is no exception, it should correspond to…

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How to make a wedding hairstyle with your own hands
A wedding is without a doubt a joyful event, but also very costly. Just imagine how much you need to buy and cook, so that this long-awaited event will be…

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Wedding Makeup: 10 Common Mistakes

A wedding is not only the happiest day, but also the most exciting. After setting the date of the ceremony for the bride, a fun time begins – you need to find the perfect dress, come up with fashionable wedding makeup and hairstyle, which are no less important. We’ve already talked about what tools are best used on this day. Now let’s figure out what, on the contrary, is not worth doing. Make-up artist Eliza Rampi, among whose clients Sienna Miller and Fernanda Liz, shared what mistakes should be avoided when preparing for the main event.

“There are no strict rules. Makeup is like a suit to order: it must be specially tailored for you, taking into account individual characteristics. Most importantly, you should be comfortable with make-up, ”says Rampi. However, there are universal tips that will be useful for every bride. Continue reading

Wedding makeup for blondes

A wedding is an amazing and long-awaited event, the preparation for which is associated with considerable troubles. The image of the bride from the crown to the ends of the shoes should be elegant and perfect, and wedding makeup for blondes plays an important role in its formation.

Girls with blond hair are already lucky – they look very gentle and romantic, so the best option is to emphasize their natural beauty. Too bright colors will look defiant and even vulgar.

Pay attention to the eyes
The eyes are not only a mirror of the soul, but also a part of the face that attracts the eye. Depending on the color of your eyes, you can choose the right cosmetics.
Girls with gray eyes should pay attention to the blue, silver and turquoise shadows – they will create a soft haze around the eyes and make the look thoughtful and very attractive.
For green-eyed fair-haired girls, brown, peach, dark green, gray-brown shades will be an ideal choice, but it is Continue reading

Wedding makeup for brunettes

Brunettes themselves are very bright and attractive, so makeup should only complement and emphasize the natural beauty of the bride. Wedding makeup for brunettes should not be too rich and combined with eye color and skin tone.

Taboo for brunettes is brick and terracotta shades, but a beige-olive or golden brown color scheme will come in handy. The blush should be saturated – dark peach, coral or carmine pink, but the choice of lipstick and eye shadow largely depends on the color of the eyes that nature has awarded the bride.

How to make the look expressive?
If your eye color is green, refrain from excessively dark and saturated eyeliner and mascara. Such eyes can be tinted with brown, bronze, dark green and golden shades and brown mascara. But the cold shades of blue do not suit you. Dark purple and creamy shades will also look interesting, but it is better not to experiment with pink and silver. Continue reading

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