Wedding makeup for brunettes
Brunettes themselves are very bright and attractive, so makeup should only complement and emphasize the natural beauty of the bride. Wedding makeup for brunettes should not be too rich and…

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Wedding hairstyles for medium hair for an irresistible image of the bride
Spectacular styling with loose curls or an intricate hairstyle with hairpins for medium hair on the wedding day is a win-win option. The length of curls allows you to make…

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Eyes - a mirror of the soul
In order to emphasize the eyes, to show their beautiful shape, the selected color of the shadows should be contrasting. So, for brown-eyed beauties it is worth using either blue…

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natural beauty

New Trends in Wedding Hairstyles

Usually, no wedding hairstyle can do without the corresponding decorations. Of course, classic hairstyles will always be popular, but fashion dictates its own rules, and it is worth listening to modern trends. Currently, a wedding hairstyle is not only curls and sparkles.

Veil – a symbol of tradition
A traditional hairstyle is decorated with a veil, which is also a symbol of the wedding. If before it was an obligatory part of the outfit, today a tendency is developing to refuse to use it. Form and length are not standardized in modern fashion, it all depends on the preferences of the bride and the designer’s imagination. A bride without a veil has become a mass phenomenon.

Often, veils are not used, because there are many other accessories to decorate the most important hairstyles in life. This choice is simply huge. You can weave a variety of ribbons, wreaths, threads into your hair. Floral wreaths look very feminine and natural. Continue reading

Types of Wedding Hairstyles

Some types of wedding hairstyles can be distinguished: with a veil, with a diadem, with fresh flowers, hairstyles for weddings, etc.

Hairstyles with veil
The veil is a traditional wedding decoration, a symbol of the wedding itself. With a veil, many wedding signs are associated.

One of them: “the longer the veil, the longer the family life will be.”

This jewelry gives the bride a special beauty, tenderness and purity. The veil can be of several types: single-tier, two-tiered, multi-layer. If the bride wants to be in the veil, then the hairstyle must be selected based on this factor. Not every hairstyle will be complemented by this wedding symbol.

Wedding hairstyles with a single-tier veil give the bride’s image elegance and sophistication. The veil is fixed in the Continue reading

Wedding makeup for blondes

A wedding is an amazing and long-awaited event, the preparation for which is associated with considerable troubles. The image of the bride from the crown to the ends of the shoes should be elegant and perfect, and wedding makeup for blondes plays an important role in its formation.

Girls with blond hair are already lucky – they look very gentle and romantic, so the best option is to emphasize their natural beauty. Too bright colors will look defiant and even vulgar.

Pay attention to the eyes
The eyes are not only a mirror of the soul, but also a part of the face that attracts the eye. Depending on the color of your eyes, you can choose the right cosmetics.
Girls with gray eyes should pay attention to the blue, silver and turquoise shadows – they will create a soft haze around the eyes and make the look thoughtful and very attractive.
For green-eyed fair-haired girls, brown, peach, dark green, gray-brown shades will be an ideal choice, but it is Continue reading

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